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Overcome Smartphone Addiction and Reconnect with the Real World

Overcome Smartphone 
With the Real World

Improve your focus, build healthier relationships, and feel calmer and more at ease by creating a sense of distance between the real world and the digital world

Do you need help to bring your attention away from the screen and into the real world?

Technological advances have brought us countless benefits, but as smart devices become more and more ubiquitous they are starting to dominate our lives – sometimes at the expense of other, more fulfilling pursuits.

If you’re spending more time interacting online than you are in the real world, if being without your phone elicits cravings or anxiety, or if your first response to a moment of peace and quiet is to switch your phone on, these are all signs that your smartphone use may have become problematic.

have to be boring

Many of us have been sucked so far into the technological vortex that we are unwilling to spend even a single moment of the day unstimulated. We avoid boredom like the plague, when actually, peaceful moments are a golden opportunity to quiet our minds.

It’s only when we disconnect from our screens, from that constant barrage of information, that we can slow down and actually notice the world around us – or even just let our minds simply drift. Daydreaming is part of the brain’s natural cycle of activity and rest. It’s a time to give your mind a break, to make room for ideas to naturally arise, and to process everything life throws at us.

As you learn to appreciate quiet times instead of mindlessly trying to fill them, you’ll start to feel calmer and more present, and have greater clarity of thought.

How would it feel to gain some distance from your phone? What would it be like to focus more clearly, to connect with others on a deeper level, to feel more calm and relaxed, and to take control over your own time and attention?

Reducing your smartphone usage means prioritizing other parts of life – parts that can be far more fulfilling than the temporary dopamine hit afforded by that undeniably versatile but ultimately meaningless little screen. As you get better at separating the digital world from the real world, you will improve your relationships, find more fulfilment in life’s simple pleasures, and gain satisfaction from improved focus and drive.

How hypnosis can get your  
back in check

Overcome Smartphone Addiction is an audio hypnosis session that will help you maintain distance from your phone and focus on more important aspects of life. As you relax deeply, you will be guided to reconnect with the pleasures of the natural world and of meaningful, real-world relationships with others.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you: